Thursday, July 19, 2012

Games and Field Trips

This day truly fits the English – and what I think is also a Polish expression – if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. First we saw light rain, then heavy rain, then sun – and then the cycle would begin all over again. We held our usual morning meeting. During this time, Carol—who is leaving on Friday – reviewed the team goals and reported she believed we were meeting the goals.

 Classes, such as those held in the outdoor bonfire area, were moved indoors. Carol found a magical fairy had already created a space for her outdoor class within the tent—complete with a dry table and chairs.

Every teacher continued trying to help the children expand their English vocabulary and speaking skills. However, part of everyone’s class was spent on preparing for a new 4th hour activity—charades. Some of the volunteers found that the students didn’t have enough English to understand and they, as teachers, didn’t have enough Polish to explain. However, as always someone was available to translate.

During 4th hour we gathered with our classes in the tent. Each class acted out the title—without words – of a film, book, or fairy tale about which the students should be familiar. The students were told their teachers could not help them – they had to try to figure out themselves the correct title and write it in either Polish or English on a white board. It proved to be great fun! Thanks to Sylvia, one of the Polish English teachers for coming up with this great idea.

After obiad, Sylvia went with the volunteers on a cultural field trip. The first destination was the old manor house at Sucha.  The guide there gave us a very nice tour and answered everyone’s questions.

 The second destination for our cultural field trip was the castle at Liw (photo above). We were greeted by a guide who wished to use his English skills for our tour. We learned a great deal about weapons as well as protection from weapons. Sara and Lynn also climbed the tower.  We returned to Reymontówka through pouring rain.

At 8 PM we gathered in the tent for the Polish Night Presentation. It opened with the campers presenting the Polonaise.  This was followed by a presentation of Polish geography, history, and information about famous people.

The programs closed with a rousing rendition of Kocham Cie Polsko.  After that the American dances were played and many more children danced than had done so the first time these were all presented.  It was delightful, too, to have the Siedlce County Deputy Governor join us for this event.