Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Camps in Poland in 2009!

The month of June will bring the beginning of the summer camp sessions. The volunteers who will help us in the summer will work with the elementary school students at the Reymontowka Camp, as well as middle and high school students in Zakopane. The majority of the students in these programs live in the cities and the ability to speak good English will have a very positive impact on their future.

In Zakopane summer camps we will work with the bright high school students who need their English to make their future professional lives successful in a very competitive job market in Poland. For a lot of them studying the English language, as well as the American history, geography and culture is a real passion. The volunteers give them such an excellent opportunity to learn so many interesting facts about the country and language of their interest.

At the Reymontowka summer camps we will teach elementary and middle school students in three two-week sessions (about 180 students total). The children enjoy studying English in such a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere so much. They really like being exposed to the American games and songs and study English in such an enjoyable way. They certainly show this by returning to the camp for up to 8 years in a row!
All of the camps are already filled with the students, who are very excited to participate in the English classes with Global Volunteers this summer! But we still need at least a few more Global Volunteer teachers for each of the summer sessions in 2009. The children, our host partners in Poland (Marek Blaszczyk and Teresa Nasilowska), as well as myself will all be very grateful if you would consider assisting us at one of these summer camps once again. We will appreciate your help so much!


Dorota Wierzbicka

Poland Country Manager