Monday, September 16, 2013

Reviewing our goals

Message of the Day: Everyone loves praise. Look hard for ways to give it to them.

Rene presented Dorota with a flag that he was given on Saturday in Warsaw. 70,000 people convened to protest their government is not listening to them regarding flexible work hours and retirement age.

Our Global Volunteers are very interested in politics like the Poles. We are also very concerned about the floods and mud slides in Colorado.

I asked for permission at Spoleczna to show my movie. Student Eric was asked to be in charge. He got the key to the library and asked for help from his fellow students. My anxiety level escalated when I saw the size of the T.V. and the table that needed to fit into the classroom door. Carolina said she could help. I said, “No, let the guys do it.” A big custodian even got into the mix. Finally, we were able to watch the movie. The 7th graders clapped with politeness. We unhooked the cable lines. Carolina jumped up and joined Jan carrying the T.V. back to the library. It seemed surprising to me one girl and one boy could do what took five people in the first place. No one was in the library. We could’ve shown the movie in the library!

Dorota asked us if we think we are making our goals happen. Our team thinks we do reach out to be ambassadors for Global Volunteers and America. We also feel we concentrate on immersing ourselves into the Polish culture. Yes, we do support Global Volunteers. We will continue to tell about their programs. We are doing our best to enhance the Polish children’s abilities to speak English.”

Journal by Kenita